We Want Revolution

How movements are formed:

1. A singular leader, amongst public ridicule and confusion, fearlessly evokes feeling. Movements, unhindered by initial isolation, convey the depth of soul in unwavering resilience.
2. The initial follower, a leader in and of himself, illustrates with grace the ease of joining the movement. This establishes a dissonance between reality and prior conceptions of such reality. 
3. The follower signals to friends to join movement, indicating the safety, utility, and moreover enjoyment derived in doing so.
4. Another follower joins creating 3 - a crowd. An event that establishes itself as news and warrants attention from the public and existing dissenters.
5. A tipping point is created and momentum grows.
6. Groups upon groups of people join. We now have a movement.
7. As more people join, risk diminishes. Now those who gawked in previous perceptions of absurdity and confusion are now swayed. Those who were previously on the fence now have less and less reason to be.
8. Joining said group will no longer result in ridicule, but instead they will be a part of the in-crowd - if they hurry.
9. The balance shifts entirely - those who do NOT join the movement will now be looked at in ridicule, as the polar contrast is now the absurdity.
10. All beings are unified. All previous conceptions of the individual are obliterated.

And thus, the ‘lone nut’ is now transformed into the leader.
A movement is created and manifested out of nothing but an individual’s imagination and heart.